Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Women-Owned Franchises Are On the Rise

More women than ever are starting businesses of their own, but that doesn’t mean they are taking unnecessary risks.  Women are scouring the online directories, looking at “franchises for sale” listings and Franchises for Sale by Owner directories to choose the right business model and franchise system. 

Why are so many women buying franchises?

It makes sense if you think about it.  Most franchise businesses involve working directly with people in a retail environment.  Who does most of the retail shopping in a household?  Women.  Women spend more time thinking about making purchases, evaluating their purchases and budgeting for their household than men do.  They are naturally more tuned-in to the retail environment and what “sells” or doesn’t sell to other women in their demographic.  Women are also somewhat more risk averse than men, which makes franchising the best way to start a business with minimal risk.  Because they get to manage the business, hire workers and maintain the schedule for the franchise, franchising also allows women to orchestrate a more fulfilling work/life balance.


Women also like to do business with other women, so they will often land in a Franchises FSBO directory by searching for “female-owned businesses.”  Whether it is a home-based business, specialty retail store or women’s fitness club, franchises offer an excellent income opportunity for women while enabling them to maintain maximum flexibility.  Dealing directly with the franchise owner makes it much easier to be objective in choosing a franchise opportunity.   A variety of winning franchises are available in a Women’s Franchise Directory, but it makes sense to look at every opportunity to get an accurate picture of which franchises are for sale in your area.

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