Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Selecting a Weight Loss Franchise Using an Online Directory

buy-fitness-franchiseDid you know that more than 60 million Americans adults are considered obese? 

Add another 9 million children and teenagers and it is easy to see why obesity is considered the American epidemic. 

Being overweight puts people at greater risk for serious illnesses like coronary artery disease, Type II diabetes, osteoarthritis and stroke, and it is the number two cause of preventable death nationwide. 

Looking at these statistics, it is no wonder that entrepreneurs are considering diet-related franchises. 

But how does one find out about these opportunities?  Selecting a weight loss franchise is easy when you do your research online in an Franchise FSBO Directory.

One of the nicest things about buying a franchise is the ability to choose a business model that aligns well with your lifestyle. If you like cars, for example, then there are several auto aftermarket franchises to choose from; and if you love children, there are a number of successful daycare franchises available. But if you are health-conscious and enjoy working with people, then you can become the proud owner of a fitness or weight loss business. Selecting a weight loss franchise is easy with so many online resources that provide background information about industry leaders.

When selecting a weight loss franchise, it is usually a good idea to check out the best-known franchisors first, because big names tend to generate an immediate customer base.  One such business model is Medifast Weight Control Centers.  Medifast clients achieve weight loss results through personal coaching and medically supervised diet plans, and the plan has been recommended thousands of doctors.  Since their first center opened in 1980, Medifast has helped over one million customers lose weight and establish good habits that will sustain those results over time. 

Looking at the franchise directory at, Jenny Craig is another household name that is looking to expand its network of franchisees.  Jenny Craig takes great pride in offering potential franchisees all of the resources they need to get started.  Their comprehensive web site offers tools that make selecting a weight loss franchise easier than ever. 

At web sites like, entrepreneurs can learn a lot about a franchisor’s track record by viewing their online profiles and connecting directly with franchise owners with locations for sale. As you explore the wide variety of franchise and business opportunities on, it is easy to inquire about multiple opportunities at once without the need for a business broker.

Comprehensive listings and links to the franchisor’s web site allow entrepreneurs to learn about the requirements of each franchisor upfront, which makes selecting a weight loss franchise a breeze. For example, by clicking on Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, or Medifast’s logos within the Weight Loss Franchise section of the site, you will find out about the liquid capital needed, as well as the franchise fee. An online form allows direct contact with the franchisor to request more information. With this form, users of who are selecting a weight loss franchise can interact directly with the franchise owner. What could be simpler than that? offers valuable information for entrepreneurs to help in selecting a weight loss franchise.  Owned by one of the nation’s leading business consulting firms, their online directory was created to serve the needs of business people by linking franchise buyers with sellers.

For more information about selecting a weight loss franchise and to view current franchises for sale by owner, visit today.

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