Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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Indoor Racing Franchises for Sale – A Fast-Moving Trend

Have you ever dreamed of making your favorite pastime part of your daily life?  If you’ve ever looked into starting a business, you know that there are franchises for sale in virtually every category of business, but here’s one you may not have heard about.

Potential franchise owners are always looking for a business that destined to become the next local “hotspot”, which often leads entrepreneurs into the restaurant business.  But after a few years, running a restaurant can be a lot less exciting than it originally seemed.  This may explain why the indoor racing phenomenon is catching on throughout the country, but nowhere is it hotter than in the Carolinas. 

Thanks to Kart Trax Formula Racing Centers, entrepreneurs can now get in on the ground floor with this booming business concept – literally one of the fastest-moving franchise systems in the nation. With Kart Trax, one of the hottest franchises for sale, business owners have the opportunity to run a popular business – one that quickly gains “traction” in any family-oriented neighborhood. 

Indoor go-kart racing is a great source of year-round family entertainment.  It brings the fun and excitement of championship auto racing, in an upscale environment that is safe, clean and affordable.  Electrically powered go-karts offer a cleaner and safer alternative to the gas-powered engines often used in outdoor parks. 

Every since Kart Trax started to expand its operations by offering franchises for sale, it has become an enormously popular business concept.  The main site, which is located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina, has hosted more than 50,000 adult and 18,000 children’s go-kart races since it opened in 2004. 

In regions of the country where outdoor activities are limited by seasonal weather conditions, an indoor facility means there is no need to sit idle for half of the year, or even limit operations during inclement weather.  By opening up the facility to parties, a Kart Trax Formula Racing center will immediately gain a healthy share of the “kids birthday party” market, which is also an excellent source of word-of-mouth marketing. 

For entrepreneurs who don’t fit the mold of most franchise businesses, sports and recreation centers are some of the most exciting new franchises for sale.  Kart Trax franchisees benefit from this franchisor’s partnership with equipment providers and operational support services, enabling their franchisees better pricing on go-karts, safety barriers, concession machines, arcade games and even liability insurance. 

This is just one example of the unique franchise ideas now available for entrepreneurs.  For a complete list of the best franchises for sale in your area, visit the online directory at EFranchiseSale.com


0 #1 Christopher Groff 2011-11-24 17:28
Hello there,

I feel that I currently live in a location that would be absolutely perfect for your carting franchise. The city is medium sized and is home to a university of over 45,000 students. As a student myself, I can say that there is not a lot of recreational activities here to spend my discretionary money on. We only have the typical movie, bowling, and dining available for recreation. I feel that a Kart Trax facility in this location would prove to be very prosperous for both you and I. I currently have around 6 thousand dollars saved that will help the loan process in order to purchase this franchise.

One of the biggest benefits of a franchise is the branding, and the customer knowing that the business should be well established and ran to perfection. However, with a go kart racing franchise, that luxury is non-existent. What could your franchise offer me?

Chris Groff

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