Saturday, November 28, 2015
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How Can a Franchise Directory Help You Start a Retail Business?

plan_selectionIt seems like everyone is starting a business these days; whether it’s a home-based second job to supplement a full-time income or a new quick-serve restaurant franchise startup.  But have you ever wondered how people find out about these business opportunities?  There are many ways to find out about the next big business idea, but few ways to personalize it to meet your individual needs.  A franchise directory is a quick and easy way for retail entrepreneurs to learn about businesses for sale in their industry, region and price range.

It is not uncommon for would-be entrepreneurs to search in a franchise directory and come away with a completely different picture of their business model.  That’s because franchise directory listings are generally linked to a franchisor’s website, which includes a wealth of information about successful franchising.  Most of the time, this is how one finds out about whether a particular franchise is even in their price range, but beyond that they learn about the company’s business practices, marketing tactics, location selection and financing.

When searching on a franchise directory like, one can easily locate a specific type of franchising, i.e. child care services, and find a number of listings for franchise businesses.  Without this online tool, interested buyers might need to search out the franchisors and ask them to mail out a franchisee kit. This is much more time-consuming and it requires more patience than most people have these days.

Another benefit to shopping in a franchise directory for retail businesses is the ability to find out about franchise businesses that are ‘for sale by owner.”  Not every franchisor allows owners to sell their locations this way, but it is much easier for smaller franchisees that are spread out a distance from one another because it saves the franchisor from handling the transaction through long-distance brokers.   Franchises that are for-sale-by-owner are often a much better way to get started in business.  Unlike traditional franchisors, the owner will have more negotiating power and the ability to offer seller-assisted financing.

Are you looking to start your own business but have a limited start-up budget? Seek out a business for sale by owner in this retail-focused franchise directory. has an unparalleled selection of business listings to meet every budget and interest.

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