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This is the blog of eFranchiseSale, an Internet franchise for sale by owner (FSBO) directory.   This blog is dedicated to providing franchising tips and ideas to new or experience franchise business owners.  We strive to keep this blog easy to read and understand by business people.  Please feel free to comment.

Researching Franchises Online Has Never Been Easier

SearchOnce you decide that franchising is your next career move, it may take a while before you select the right business model.  While it may be a long time before you determine the type of business that works best for you, the best part is when you start researching franchises online.  Not long ago, entrepreneurs would have to send away for starter kits from potential franchisors, and then spend hours reading up on all the details.  But today’s business owners can quickly search out the perfect franchise by category, location, price range and more.  Not only that; finding a franchise online can be fun.


Tips for Buying a Franchise from the Owner

Business_DealMany new entrepreneurs would rather start their own business from scratch than buy an existing franchise from the owner; but there are some very practical benefits to avoiding a direct purchase from the franchisor.  Franchise businesses are generally front-loaded with many start-up costs, which could take a new owner several years to pay off.  Most enterprising young owners are willing to assume these high costs because they believe in the value of a recognized brand.


Top Low-Cost Franchise Opportunities Are Home-Based Businesses

Home_Based_BusinessWhile many disenfranchised corporate workers may be ready to start a business, they are still somewhat gun-shy about taking the risk.  Perhaps this explains why low-risk, low investment franchise businesses are more popular than ever.  Unlike the top franchise opportunities, which are mostly in the fast food category, these lucrative startups are likely to be based in the home.


A Franchise Directory – First Stop on the Path to Financial Freedom

First_Step_to_SuccessIf you have been thinking about starting your own venture, you may have gone back and forth about whether it’s really a good idea.  Sure, you want “out” of the corporate world and you relish the idea of being your own boss, but what if your startup never really gets started?  What if you give up your job and your nest egg, only to find that your business idea wasn’t so great after all?  Maybe it’s time to start looking at a franchise directory for your inspiration.


Have a Franchise for Sale? Why Women Make the Best Franchisees

Business_Women_With_TeamInterested in finding an existing franchise for sale?  Women are the fastest growing group of franchise owners in this country, and they make the business of franchising look attractive to enterprising women everywhere.  Articles are being published regularly that profile successful women in the franchising industry, but few have offered aspiring business owners insight about why franchising is so ideal for women.  One thing is certain; there are plenty of organizations and institutions that are ready to help women locate a franchise for sale or help them with financing.


Businesses for Sale by Owner in Colorado – A Great Place to Find a Franchise

Man_of_CityIt’s almost springtime, and that can only mean one thing: plenty of businesses for sale by owner will be available in Colorado.  Similar to the real estate market, businesses also seem to go on the block in early spring in anticipation of new buyers entering the market.  This may also mean that franchisors will be actively pitching new franchise opportunities to brand new entrepreneurs.  If this sounds like the time of year for you to enter the market, it may be worth considering an existing franchise instead of a new one.


What is a “Franchise Opportunities Directory” and How Does It Work?

opportunityIf you are buying or selling a franchise business, there are many ways to go about it.  You can find a few franchises that interest you and go directly to their franchising sales department, you can try to find a franchise for sale by owner, or you can work with a broker.  A franchise opportunities directory is an online resource that helps business owners find out about franchises for sale by industry, price range and geography.  It also helps existing franchisees find potential buyers.


Buying Franchises for Sale by Owner – Is it a Good Idea?

Hand_With_CoinsNo matter where you are looking to buy a business, there are always plenty of franchise opportunities available.  In fact, once the word gets out that you’re searching; many franchise business brokers will be out looking for you.  The problem with buying a new franchise is how long it takes to become profitable.  With all the start-up costs involved in buying a new franchise, it’s amazing they can convince anyone to take the risk, particularly in this slower economy.  That’s why I always recommend franchises for sale by owner over buying a new franchise.


Can a Franchise Opportunity Directory Inspire Your Next Venture?

Teams_CooperationIf you’re like most Americans, you’re tired of working for someone else; especially in such a questionable economy.  Job security is just an illusion, and few people have the flexibility to chart their own path to success.  Perhaps this explains the spike in searches for a “franchise opportunity directory.”  These online directories allow people to learn about various franchises and learn more about what it takes to get started.  It is also an excellent place to get inspiration for your next career move.


How Can a Franchise Directory Help You Start a Retail Business?

plan_selectionIt seems like everyone is starting a business these days; whether it’s a home-based second job to supplement a full-time income or a new quick-serve restaurant franchise startup.  But have you ever wondered how people find out about these business opportunities?  There are many ways to find out about the next big business idea, but few ways to personalize it to meet your individual needs.  A franchise directory is a quick and easy way for retail entrepreneurs to learn about businesses for sale in their industry, region and price range.

It is not uncommon for would-be entrepreneurs to search in a franchise directory and come away with a completely different picture of their business model.  That’s because franchise directory listings are generally linked to a franchisor’s website, which includes a wealth of information about successful franchising.  Most of the time, this is how one finds out about whether a particular franchise is even in their price range, but beyond that they learn about the company’s business practices, marketing tactics, location selection and financing.


Where to Find the Best Franchise Opportunities? Check out this Directory

Selecting_DirectionWhere do you find the best franchise opportunities these days?  Well, according to one article published earlier this year, it is in an online Franchise Opportunities Directory.  Sounds easy enough, right?  But where do you get your hands on one of these?  When you do a Google search for the term, all you get is a bunch of unsolicited emails from every franchisor in the country.  When you really want to find the right franchise opportunities in your area, you need a searchable database of listings.  Ideally, these listings should be arranged geographically and by industry. Some of the better ones even let you search by price range.

The article I am referring to is this one – “Where to Find the Best Franchise Opportunities? Check out this Directory,” which recommends the directory at for finding the best franchise opportunities in your area.  Even if you plan to use a business broker, searching through this database will give you some insight about competitors in your industry and how much you can expect to invest in a start-up.  The directory on also lets you deal directly with the franchise owner if that is what you prefer.


Franchise Opportunities Directory Points Entrepreneurs in the Right Direction

Right_DirectionAre you tired of working for someone else?  Maybe you’ve thought about starting your own business, but you have no idea how it would work.    A franchise opportunities directory may be the best way to start the wheels turning. 

An online business directory is an excellent resource for would-be business owners who need to gather information quickly.  And with a franchise business, everything is already in place for you to be successful.   There is less risk involved and the ramp-up time is so much faster than it would be with a brand new start-up.  Most of the top franchisors can have you up and running in no time with your very own business.



Business Brokers Agree – This is the Best Franchise Directory in the USA

mcdonalds_restaurantWhen you’re looking to buy a business in a questionable economy, it’s easy to find dozens of websites that claim to be the “best franchise directory in the USA”, but unfortunately most of them are run by internet marketers who are looking to generate clicks for their clients.  When you log onto one of these directories, you may be asked to provide personal information after viewing just a few pages.  Unless you want your phone to start ringing with eager franchisors who want to pitch you on their business model, don’t fill out these online forms.  While it’s great for the advertisers to have your personal contact information, you are perfectly capable of inquiring about the listings that interest you most. 


Let Become Your “Franchise Opportunity Directory”

Once you make the decision to invest in a franchise, all you need to do is put your email address into the hands of one database marketer and you will immediately start receiving emails from every franchise website in the country.  But few of these sites offer quality listings like what you would find in a good franchise opportunity directory.  In fact, most of them offer only a few generic listings in each franchise category with very little else to keep people interested.   They exist only so they can remarket your contact information to their advertisers.


Indoor Racing Franchises for Sale – A Fast-Moving Trend

Have you ever dreamed of making your favorite pastime part of your daily life?  If you’ve ever looked into starting a business, you know that there are franchises for sale in virtually every category of business, but here’s one you may not have heard about.

Potential franchise owners are always looking for a business that destined to become the next local “hotspot”, which often leads entrepreneurs into the restaurant business.  But after a few years, running a restaurant can be a lot less exciting than it originally seemed.  This may explain why the indoor racing phenomenon is catching on throughout the country, but nowhere is it hotter than in the Carolinas. 


What are the Advantages of buying a hotel or motel franchise business?

Let’s face it; whether you are traveling to another part of the world or spending a night in a hotel downtown, you want to know you are staying a recognized name-brand hotel.  Nowhere is it more comforting to know you are in reliable hands than when you are traveling. But if you are starting a franchise business, the name recognition of top hotel and motel franchises is even more important to you.  This is one of the many advantages of buying a hotel or motel franchise


FAQ When Buying a Child Day Care Franchise

You’ve spent years dreaming about the day you would become your own boss, and you have done a lot of soul-searching to determine the type of business you would own.  After months of market research and due diligence, you are finally ready to start your own daycare business.  Buying a child day care franchise may not be the perfect business venture for everyone, but few people love to work with children as much as you do. 

Starting a child day care franchise

Let’s face it; making a living isn’t the only reason people work.  That’s why so many would-be entrepreneurs are buying a child day care franchise or a similar kids-oriented business.  But even doing something you love this much is not without its challenges.  As a child care franchise buyer, you will still be bound by the operational standards of the parent corporation, so it is important to do your homework before choosing a franchisor.


Why Children’s Franchise Opportunities Are Worth Considering

Owning and running a franchise business can be a highly rewarding experience, especially for recent refugees from the corporate world.  If you are someone who enjoys working with children, there are a number of top-rated children’s franchise opportunities to choose from. 

Until the economy gets back to normal, entrepreneurs are trying to minimize their risks by buying a franchise from a known entity rather than starting their own venture, but they often struggle with figuring out the best type of franchise to buy.  Many of them have chosen the children’s franchise marketplace, and for good reason.


What are the Key Considerations When Buying Fitness Franchises?

The results are in – when it comes to fitness, Americans are moving in the wrong direction.  Over the past three decades, the number of overweight or obese adults in the U.S. has risen to nearly two-thirds of the population, and nearly 100 million adults will suffer from obesity-related illnesses.  What does this mean to you as an entrepreneur?  The time may be right to open a fitness franchise in your area, but you should know about the most important considerations when buying fitness franchises


Mail, Packaging and Shipping Franchises Serve the Virtual Office Community

If you’ve been searching for the perfect business opportunity, then you may want to focus your efforts on recession-proof industries.  Even though the economy is in “recovery mode” many startup businesses are finding it difficult to survive.  For that reason alone, it makes send to look into franchising.  You may have heard about one of the few bright spots in the world of franchising – the growing category of “mail, packaging and shipping franchises”.  That’s because these businesses cater to home-based workers and entrepreneurs who need a reliable source for off-site business services. 


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