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This is the blog of eFranchiseSale, an Internet franchise for sale by owner (FSBO) directory.   This blog is dedicated to providing franchising tips and ideas to new or experience franchise business owners.  We strive to keep this blog easy to read and understand by business people.  Please feel free to comment.

Before you choose a Franchise System, Ask Yourself These Questions

franchise perksDay-dreaming about owning your own franchise?

Not all entrepreneurs are a good fit for franchising.  While there are many benefits to owning a business that is part of a larger system, there are many factors that can affect whether you are successful or not. 

Before you decide on franchising here are some questions to ponder.


Marketing a Franchise in an “Franchises for Sale by Owner Directory”

business for sale by owner  financeIt used to be that aspiring franchisees needed to pore through encyclopedia-size catalogs to find the right type of business, but thankfully those days are gone. 

Now it is possible to look for franchises for sale online, at the click of a mouse, using a “franchises FSBO directory”.  Just like a “for sale by owner” real estate transaction is designed to save the homeowner the added cost of paying commissions to an agent; franchises FSBO is an online marketplace that allows the business owner to avoid the middleman. 


Advantages of Buying a Motel/Hotel Franchise

buying a motel for sale by ownerWhen it comes to starting a hotel or motel business, considering a lot of factors such as name recognition, work strategies, services and many others is very significant. Whether one is traveling somewhere or spending a night in a hotel downtown, staying in a recognized name-brand hotel that assures of comfort and reliability is a subject of priority.

In such scenario, purchasing a hotel or motel franchise can prove to be very beneficial. There are several advantages to buying one one instead of starting a business from scratch. Here are several advantages of buying a hotel/motel franchise.


Why “Fast Casual” Brands Are Making Alcohol Their Competitive Edge

liquor-fast-casual-franchisesDoes the future of fast-casual restaurant franchising lay in alcohol? A lot of franchising experts say yes. As successful as many of these brands may be, the marketplace is getting crowded and competition can be fierce. Adding alcoholic beverages to the menus at restaurants like Chipotle and Smashburger has set them apart within this category and caused other restaurants to consider a similar approach.


What Are the Most Profitable Franchises in 2014?

mcdonalds restaurantBudding entrepreneurs often find themselves torn between two possibilities: starting their own venture from scratch or purchasing a franchise business. While the first one might seem more rewarding and less restrictive; it also carries more inherent risk than a proven, profitable franchise. In an economy that remains uncertain, the franchising phenomenon has converted even the most independent-minded business owners. That said, all franchises are certainly not created equal.


3 Trends That Are Changing the World of Franchising

franchise opportunities guideAs we close in on the end of 2014 and look toward a new year, a few trends have emerged in the world of franchising, and many are wondering if they are here to stay. If you are considering franchise ownership, it’s important to understand how these trends will affect its success.


The Pros and Cons of Buying a Restaurant Franchise

buying a franchise restaurantAre you thinking about buying a restaurant or food service business? Maybe you have considered starting from scratch but you’re still tempted by the ease of the franchise route. If the franchise seems attractive, it’s because the food service industry is the most prominent sector in franchising today. While not entirely free of risk, new business owners tend to perceive these franchises as safer bets.


Do You Need a Broker When Pursuing FSBO Opportunities?

advertising franchisesHave you ever gone after a “For Sale by Owner” business and used a buyer’s agent to do it? This is perfectly legal in the real estate world, even though it requires a commission be paid to one agent, but a seller can still refuse to work with a buyer who uses an agent. The same thing is true with “For Sale by Owner” opportunities for small businesses. People who want to use a broker are welcome to do so; regardless of whether the seller wants to use one. If you’ve been avoiding FSBO business opportunities because you want to work with a business broker, there is no need to do that.


How Franchise Owners Minimize Expenses and Maximize Profit

business opportunityBecoming a franchise owner seems like the right investment for a wide variety of enterprising people; from younger entrepreneurs to those looking to build a family business. Franchising can also be a great source of income for many years to come.


How to Find Out About Franchise Opportunities

success-franchiseHave you decided that franchise ownership is in your future?  Perhaps you’ve even done some preliminary research; but once you decide that franchising is your next career move it may still be a while before you find the right business model.  One of the most exciting aspects of starting a business is when you begin to research opportunities.  It is entirely possible to spend hours reading up on all the details, especially with all the franchising web sites out there today.  


Working Too Many Hours Lately? 8 Tips to Work Smarter

time managementOwning a franchise business can feel like a 24-hour job, especially when you first start out, but franchise owners are not the only ones working long hours these days. Over the past several years, employees have been pushed far beyond the typical 9-to-5 workday. In an effort to get it all done, workers are arriving earlier and staying later, business owners are bringing work home, and people are more stressed than ever. But are all these long hours really necessary?


Retail Business Owners Use Franchise Directories to Search for New Opportunities

how to buy a franchiseRetailers: If you're looking for a franchise directory to help you learn more about the retail franchise opportunities, then it can easily found online. But finding a list of opportunities isn't the only thing you need. The biggest hurdle will be figuring out which one will help you make a profit. Deciding on a retail franchise investment is not an exact science, but there are many factors that must be considered before finalizing the decision.


How Much Can You Expect to Earn from a Franchise Business?

franchise profitAs a franchise broker and business owner, I am often asked to provide guidance to new franchisees, particularly their questions about profitability. According to industry experts, it is critical for franchise investors to know what they can expect to earn in a given year, but this isn't always an easy calculation. One reason for this is that the industry as whole doesn't reveal this information to new franchisees. Even when projected earnings are provided, they are represented in a subjective format that makes it impossible to compare one franchise brand to another.


Do Women Make Better Business Owners?

women in businessWhen it comes to starting a franchise, women are often the best candidates. While they might get a bad rap when it comes to male-dominated activities like sports, and it's not uncommon to hear men rant about "women drivers," it is even more likely they will complain about women in leadership. But the facts are the facts, and they say that women are not only less accident prone, they are more likely to display a better aptitude for business and management.


Are You Hiring the Best Employees for Your Small Business?

new employeeWhether you own a single franchise or one in every major city, it doesn't take long to learn the importance of hiring well. As franchise experts often say, the smaller the business the more you need great employees. This is even more important when you are an investor who relies on others to run the business. When the 50th person you hire is unreliable, it's not going to have the same impact on your business as if it were your first or second employee. Franchisees are acutely aware of this, and they know how to manage a business with limited resources.


Business Opportunities or Franchises – Which is Right for You?

business opportunityFor many potential entrepreneurs, business opportunities and franchises are considered wise investments. Both offer the buyer different levels of training and support, but one type may be a better fit than the other. In neither case will they need to reinvent the wheel to be a success, and they are equally smart options, so how does one choose the right path?


What Are the Latest Trends in Franchising?

franchise trendsEvery year around this time, the International Franchising Association (IFA) releases its third-quarter report on franchising in America, which is often seen as a forecast of what is to come in the next calendar year.

According to the glowing results, as reported in an article on, "The Biggest Trends in Franchising," the franchise sector added 184,000 jobs over the past twelve months. While the franchise sector only accounted for 10 percent of all new jobs in the past 18 months, this past year's increase brought the total number of jobs in this category to more than 8 million. As this sector of the economy has grown it has added new jobs to various industries, including: business, personal services, education, automotive, hospitality and manufacturing. Overall, the franchise sector supports more than 18 million jobs, either directly or indirectly.


What Are the Perks of Franchise Ownership?

franchise perksSo, you're ready to take the plunge into small business ownership and the idea of franchise seems exciting. Perhaps you are tired of playing the "corporate shuffle" and dealing with the insecurities of a volatile job market. You're ready to cut loose and make a move, and a franchise sounds like the perfect solution. Well, you're not alone. That's the most likely scenario for many newly minted entrepreneurs.


Online Marketing Can Be a Wise Move for Franchisors

efranchise micrositeHave you ever wondered why so many of your competitors have an easy time selling franchises? You may be curious about what they do differently, and why they seem to be expanding faster than you are. One of the main reasons that some franchisors do better is their online marketing strategy.


Selling a Franchise? What You Need to Know

selling a franchiseAnyone who has ever bought and sold a franchise will tell you; it's a whole lot easier to buy one than it is to sell one. This doesn't mean there isn't a market for previously-owned franchises; they are actually in high demand, but some franchisors make the process rather challenging. According to a recent article on, "Can You Sell a Franchise?" the sale of a franchise is much different than an independent business. Serial entrepreneur John Warrillow discusses some of the challenges and possible setbacks that may come up when attempting to exit a franchise.


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