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Outdoor Connection

Outdoor Connection

Fast Facts

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Our Company

Outdoor Connection was incorporated in April 1989 and began franchising in 1990. As an Outdoor Connection franchise owner you would arrange hunting fishing and outdoor adventure trips to our inspected and approved outfitters lodges and guides worldwide. We currently have the largest number of inspected trips to offer our clients in our industry and we are adding new trips on a monthly basis.


Our corporate offices offer franchise training and ongoing operational support. As a franchise owner you are responsible for marketing Outdoor Connection trips to your clients. You will be provided with a toolbox of services to help you market trips including your own web site Sporting Adventure Guides Corporate Adventure Guides promotional DVD’s national advertising and email flyers to name a few.

Outdoor Connection has earned a reputation in our industry as a highly professional company by offering only quality trips arranged by competent franchise owners. We provide a peace of mind to customers searching for their next hunting or fishing trip. We match our customers with the trip that fits their interests. Historically customers would call lodge owners after reading about them in a magazine or Internet web site. Lodge owners would then explain their service to the customer. In contrast Outdoor Connection franchise owners will work with customers to determine their needs first and then match them with a proven lodge. This is a free service. This system has proven to create long-lasting repeat customers.

Products & Services

Outdoor Connection offers inspected and approved hunting fishing and adventure trips to over 70 states provinces and countries throughout the world.

Love of the outdoors is universal. Whether it’s perch-jerking beneath an eagle’s nest on Tennessee’s Reelfoot Lake or stalking Kudu on the open plains of South Africa there’s an adventure for everyone. Some call it a hobby. We call it a business…and we can’t think of a better one. Personal visits by our franchise owners to each and every destination we offer ensures the quality of travel our customers expect.

At Outdoor Connection® our goal is to connect our clients with the adventure destinations of their dreams. Some of our clients just want to get away from the phone and sit on a peaceful lake with their family. Some of our clients want to fly to Argentina and fire 1000 shots a day at millions of dove. All of our clients have one thing in common – they trust us to provide the best service available. Each one of our clients know we go out of our way to provide them with consistently excellent service in a sector of the travel business that has become as uncertain as the weather. It’s in this environment that we excel holding true to our mission like a stone in a raging river since 1988.

Training & Support

Being a leader in your industry does not come without training. Our training team is made up of all people who have owned an Outdoor Connection franchise. You will receive training in all of the areas needed to grow your business. With the help of a trainer you will have a working business plan to help you succeed. In addition you will have the opportunity to participate in continuing educational offerings that include regional meetings as well as an annual convention.


Outdoor Connection franchisees receive ongoing support from many levels. First Outdoor Connection maintains support offices for communication and material distribution convenience. These offices also take care of availability checks lodge reservations hotel and rental car reservations as well as airfare. This will free up your time to work with your clients.

Second Outdoor Connection maintains a 2000+ page web site viewable only by franchisees. This site contains all the information needed on represented lodges and outfitters including: rate sheets information packs brochures lodge reports photos and much more. These pages are in PDF and Word format making them readily printable to letterhead.

Third every second year Outdoor Connection franchisees elect one of their peers to serve a two year position on the Outdoor Connection Advisory Panel. The country is divided into six regions and each year the regional representatives join with Outdoor Connection management to discuss new programs needed destinations and individual region reports. The representatives contact all franchisees in their region to get their views and opinions. This ensures a line of communication between franchisees and management. Of course every second year the annual meeting is held at one of Outdoor Connection's approved lodges so there is a perk for serving on this panel.

Finally Outdoor Connection franchisees are a team. The phone and email contact information for all franchisees is available on the agent's web site. A list containing which franchisees have visited which lodge is also available at that site. This gives each franchisee the opportunity to communicate with other franchisees on specific questions regarding each destination.



Why Outdoor Connection?

Everyone wants to enjoy there work. Why not match your passion with your profession? Your timing is great to join the Outdoor Connection team! We have recently added to our management team restructured the commission program to allow for higher profits and are working on numerous programs to continually grow Outdoor Connection.


Franchising with Outdoor Connection offers you several important advantages in starting a business. You will be provided with the best product in our industry the training and continuing education needed to help you sell this product a brand name that is recognized in the industry and franchise services provide by our corporate office for all of your day-to-day business needs.

Imagine yourself working in your own office within an industry that you love. Imagine spending your time talking to people who are excited to plan their next outdoor adventures with you. You as their outdoor travel professional will the have the opportunity to make dreams come true. It could be a father’s first big game hunt with his son. It could be a honeymoon. It may be an incentive trip to reward employees for their hard work. Whatever the trip the people involved will be excited and they will be looking to you to find them an adventure to remember their entire lives.

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