Saturday, November 28, 2015
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Little King Deli & Subs

Little King Deli & Subs

Fast Facts

$125000 +




We have sources to go to.

It is wide open at this time. We are looking for individual multi-unit and area developers.





We offer two weeks of in-store and classroom training before you open and then we train 7-10 days when your store is ready to open. Also we have an 800 hotline for our franchisees to use when they need help.

Little King is truly a Restaurant where a sandwich is a Complete Meal.

Little King is getting bigger better and bolder and is one of the best kept secrets in the food industry but we're going to change all that. Little King has more than 27 years experience and now operates in several states. With a unique sandwich and deli operation Little King has developed a complete systems approach to quality in product service and management. Our philosophy is quite simple:

""""The future of our individual franchises directly impacts the future of the whole company. Our franchises are people not units.""""

Our Formula For Success

Our dedication to these ideals transcends any desire to be the """"biggest fastest-growing"""" sandwich chain. The Little King concept is not a fast food business it's... Fresh Food Fast.

We're with you every step of the way... At Little King the duties of both the franchiser and franchisee are carefully spelled out leaving no questions. And if there are questions just ask. Remember we're working with you.

After we help you find the right location and secure the best possible leasing arrangement we'll assist you in selecting the right decor package and even provide the necessary architectural drawings for a nominal fee. Or if possible we can arrange a complete turnkey facility.

Marketing and Advertising... How can you have customers unless they know that you exist? That's why Little King has created innovative marketing and advertising programs to help you create awareness of your new business. You'll have access to strategically developed advertising -- radio television point-of-purchase etc.

All of these services are provided by an outside advertising agency. After all we know how to make a great sandwich they know how to sell them.

It all works together linking the entire Little King organization through effective and results-oriented campaigns. We wouldn't have it any other way.


Contact Info

Bob Wertheim



11811 I St.





We provide a class on accounting employment administration and marketing.

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