Tuesday, December 01, 2015
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For 25 years Francorp has been the leader in the franchise consulting industry. In fact we invented the niche. We have a unique approach that remains unmatched by any other firm in the world. We have assembled a team of experts whose talents are coordinated seamlessly to create customized materials that fit the specific needs of our clients. And as an international company we have the global reach to help you expand your business with a local presence to help you adjust your business to fit each country's unique culture and laws.

Why Francorp?
Why has Francorp been the choice of so many companies and what makes Francorp the leader in the industry?

  • Most Experienced-Francorp professionals have been designing franchise programs for over 25 years and collectively we've developed more franchises than anyone in the world
  • Worldwide-With offices around the world Francorp has global scope and knowledge
  • One-Stop Shop- Having all the services you need under one roof is convenient cohesive and cost effective so you end up with the best franchise program possible
  • In-House Staff-All our personnel are on staff available to you and each other on a daily basis. Because we work elbow to elbow you'll never get caught running between multiple advisors or outside independent consultants
  • More Resources-Being a Francorp client means you have access to a network of contacts and strategic partners-financing sources business networks specialized legal services marketing professionals the media brokers and internet services just to name a few
  • Our Approach-Franchising isn't for every business so we approach every project objectively and analytically and then customize our strategy to fit your needs and resources
  • Our Clients-Francorp has the expertise to work with companies at various levels of sophistication and infrastructures. While we've worked with some of the best-known companies in the world many our clients start small.
  • We're """"Hands On""""-Our consultants have real world experience in structuring and running franchise companies so we know what you're going through and we're there with answers when you need us

Francorp can meet your expansion needs virtually anywhere in the world. Want to know more about how we can help you? Please complete and submit the form below.


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