Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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Advantages of Buying a Hotel/Motel Franchise

There are so many different types of franchises available today that a budding entrepreneur has almost too many choices. That’s why most business brokers recommend that potential franchisees try to match up a business model with what they are most passionate about.  If travel is your thing, then consider the advantages of buying a hotel/motel franchise.

With millions of Americans traveling for business and leisure, the need for high quality hotels and motels is stronger than ever.  If you have always been intrigued by the travel and tourism industry, then you may want to look at some of the hotel/motel franchises with locations for sale in your area. 

Most business travelers have a “favorite hotel” that they trust, and most of the time these hotels are well-known brands like Marriot Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn, or Comfort Inn. Ever since hotel franchises started offering rewards points for frequent travelers, business-trippers have grown accustomed to choosing the same hotel again and again.  This built-in brand loyalty is just one of the advantages of buying a hotel/motel franchise.

By having access to a nationwide network of customers for a specific hotel/motel brand, a new franchisee will benefit immediately.  Most of the top hotel chains maintain a well-designed national web site that automatically refers reservations to every franchise location.  The franchisor will also help to project a positive image for each location by updating hotel shopping and travel web sites with images and customer reviews. 

It is easy to explore the advantages of buying a hotel/motel franchise by researching available locations online.  Sites like are there to guide you in your search by offering direct access to existing franchises for sale, as well as information on start-up costs and financing. 

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